Online Lessons!

Welcome to my online teaching studio!

First off, let me tell you this: I’d love to work with you! Whether it’s preparing for college auditions, just wanting a second opinion on how you perform something, or generally honing in your skills across the percussive realm, I promise that no matter where you’re starting from, I’m going to meet you where you’re at and do my best to motivate and assist you along the path toward success. Just FYI, success could look like a lot of different things!

I believe that specific goals yield specific results. Furthermore, if those goals are specific and high-reaching, you can fall short of them everyday and still reach further than most! 

Everything we’ll work on and talk about falls under this philosophy, and the learning environment is less about me telling you what to do and more about us putting our heads together and attacking weaknesses and fortifying strengths in an honest, transparent, caring, and judgment-free zone. I’ve been blessed by several teachers that have cultivated that kind of learning space for me, and I hope to do the same for my own students!

Spots are limited, so fill out the contact form below, and I’ll get back to you about the specifics (rates, structure, personalization, etc.)

Here’s my educational background:

BM, Music Performance (2016)
Belmont University
Christopher Norton, principal teacher

MM, Music Performance and Literature (2018)
Eastman School of Music
Michael Burritt and James Ross, principal teachers

DMA, Music Performance (in progress, expected May 2021)
The University of Texas at Austin – Butler School of Music
Thomas Burritt, principal teacher

Looking forward to hearing from you!